The ESX-3XM is a highly adaptable, scalable, powerful controller with up to 65 I/O points. It can be considered the little brother of the ESX-3XL, with the same power and memory, but half the I/O and half the size.
The ESX-3XM provides up to 65 software-configurable inputs and outputs. Due to the modular design, 56 of the 65 inputs and outputs are customizable and can be configured for any application. The base version, with 23 inputs and outputs, provides 4 CAN interfaces and 1 RS232 serial interface. Additional CAN or RS232 interfaces, as well as other communication interfaces like USB or Ethernet can be added easily.

  • The processor system of the ESX-3XM, based on the powerful TriCore TC1796 from Infineon, is clocked at 150 MHz and is backed by 4 MB of RAM and 6 MB of Flash. A buzzer for audio alarms, and system and user LEDs for diagnostics help troubleshoot the system without the need for any special software tools.

    The ESX-3XM, like its big brother, the ESX-3XL, is freely programmable in CoDeSys (version 3.x), in the ā€˜Cā€™ Language, or with a Matlab/Simulink support package. All of the inputs, outputs and communications port are fully accessible and configurable through extensive BIOS libraries.

    The system is designed for safety-related applications according to SIL2/ISO 61508. Safety features are controlled by a separate, independent microcontroller. Safety functions are available both in CoDeSys and in the C programming language. A complete safety manual is available along with the extensive help files that fully document the ESX-3XL hardware and software.

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