The ESX-3XL is a highly adaptable, scalable, powerful controller with up to 136 I/O points. Its innovative expansion board architecture provides controls engineers with the flexibility to future-proof their design. Six expansion board slots can be used to add I/O and communications capabilities in the initial design or at later stages when enhanced functionality is desired. The expansion board architecture also ensures that a design is optimized for the specific requirements of the mobile application without sacrificing durability.
The ESX-3XL provides up to 136 software-configurable inputs and outputs. Due to the modular design, 72 of the 136 inputs and outputs are customizable and can be configured for any application.

  • The base version, with 52 inputs and outputs, provides 4 CAN interfaces and 1 RS232 serial interface. Additional CAN or RS232 interfaces, as well as other communication interfaces like Ethernet or USB can be added easily.

    The processor system of the ESX-3XL, based on the powerful TriCore TC1796 from Infineon, is clocked at 150 MHz and is backed by 4 MB of RAM and 6 MB of Flash. A buzzer for audio alarms, and system and user LEDs for diagnostics help troubleshoot the system without the need for any special software tools.

    The ESX-3XL is freely programmable in CoDeSys (version 3.x), in the ā€˜Cā€™ Language, or with a Matlab/Simulink support package. All of the inputs, outputs and communications port are fully accessible and configurable through extensive BIOS libraries.

    The system is designed for safety-related applications according to SIL2/ISO 61508. Safety features are controlled by a separate, independent microcontroller. Safety functions are available both in CoDeSys and in the C programming language. A complete safety manual is available along with the extensive help files that fully document the ESX-3XL hardware and software.

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