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Governor Electronic Control System

Collision Avoidance.

As stated in the government gazette on 27 February 2015 by the Department of Mineral resources all employers must take reasonable practicable measures to ensure the safety of the employee due to a result of collision between trackless mobile machines. Upon the detecting the presence of a pedestrian, the operator of the   trackless mobile machine and the pedestrian must be warned of each other’s presence by means of effective warning. In the event where no action is taken, further means must be provided to retard the mobile trackless machine to a safe speed where after the brakes of the machine are automatically applied without human intervention.

The GECS is the solution.

The MCS Governor Electronic Control System has been developed to control the mechanical engine governor using Drive-by-Wire. The basic system is a kit which includes the throttle control pedal, the PV480 colour     display, electronic module (ECU) and the actuator. The electronic module and the PV480 are programmable and can be customised to monitor engine RPM, temperature, pressure and/or oil level. Optional inputs and outputs can also be programmed into the system. When any of the above mentioned becomes critical the engine can be brought back to idle, apply brakes and then shut down. The PV480 will be logging all data received from the system and can be downloaded. The system is failsafe and will go to idle should a wire come loose or tampered with.


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One of our channel partners in South Africa, Rudi de Beer from Engine Control Systems, has got the PV750 specified and installed on a new military vehicle, a 6 wheel drive being rolled out by Paramount Group, called the Mbombe.  Two 750’s per vehicle.  In the defense community, word travels fast so this should create several new opportunities for Murphy display and I/O solutions in South Africa and globally.

You can see the Mbombe with the 750 on their You Tube launch narrated by Paramount’s CEO.  You can find it on  http://youtu.be/_yWegGNoQMU  The video starts with aircraft, the Mbombe is 60 sec in.

Congratulations Rudi and to the Europe team on this significant win.